Agriculture Drone specifications

Drone Situation

New Drone
Semi-New Drone
Second Hand Drone

Use of Drone

Drone for Spraying
Drone for Filming
Drone for Monitoring
Other Use of Drone

Battery capacity

Drone for 5 Liter
Drone for 10 Liters
Drone for 20 Liters
Drone for 30 Liters
Drone for 40 Liters
Drone for 50 Liters
Drone for 60 Liters
Drone for 70 Liters
Drone with another capacity

Type of Drone Service

Drone for Area Mapping
Drone for Monitoring
Drone for Spraying
Drone for Agent Release
Drone for Filming
Another Type of Drone Service

Replacement Drone Part

Remote Control for Drone
Propeller for Drone
Motor for Drone
Application Rotors
Foldable Arm for Drone
Water Pump for Drone
FOC Control for Drone
Spray Nozzles for Drone
Atomization Disc
Cooling Mechanism for Drone
Flight Controller for Drone
Drone Material Tank
Battery for Drone
Drone Charger
Drone Fuel Supply
Base Station for Drone
Spreader for Drone
Generator for Drone
Protection box for Drone
Locomotion trailer for Drone
Another Drone Part for Replacement

Application Nozzles for Drone

Spray nozzle for Drone
Insecticide Nozzle for Drone - 20-30
Insecticide Nozzle for Drone - 50-70
Drone Herbicide Nozzle - 20-30
Herbicide Nozzle for Drone - 30-40
Drone Fungicide Nozzle - 50-70
Another type of Application Nozzle for Drone

Pilot Training

Drone Training for Spraying
Drone Training for Filming
Drone Training for Monitoring
Another Type of Drone Training

Type of Culture

Drone for Soybean Culture
Drone for Corn Culture Drone for Coffee Culture
Drone for Sugarcane Culture
Drone for Cotton Culture
Drone for Citrus Culture
Drone for Fruit Culture
Drone for Vegetable Culture
Drone for Flower Culture
Drone for Eucalyptus Culture
Another type of Culture